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We are here to answer your questions.

When it comes to end-of-life arrangements, no question is off limits. If you don't find what you're looking for here, we'll be happy to answer your question over email or phone.

What exactly is direct cremation? 

Direct or immediate cremation is the simplest form of cremation, meaning it usually takes place without viewing of the body, visitation, embalming, or many of the traditional and more expensive aspects of ceremonial funerals.

Do I need to purchase an urn?

We provide a basic container, free of charge. You are not required to purchase an urn from us, and can transfer your loved one's ashes to any vessel of your choosing after you take possession.

What preparations are necessary before the cremation? 

Family members must try to remove all jewelry or belongings from the deceased that you don't want cremated. It is especially important to notify Poppy if there are medical devices present, including pacemakers.

How long does it take? 

We try to return the ashes within 1 week. There are individual state requirements we must follow regarding waiting periods for cremation after the time of death, but our goal is to be as efficient as possible. If there is any issue or delay, we will keep you informed and up to date.

Do I need to purchase a casket?

No, caskets are not required for cremation. We supply what is called an "alternative container" made of either cardboard or particle board, which provides dignity for the deceased, as well as protects our facility operators. It is included at no additional cost.

Do all faiths support cremation? 

Most faiths do accept and support cremation, many even recommend it. Of course, we suggest consulting your own community of faith before making any decisions.